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Mahashivratri: As you all know how much respect Lord Shiva has in Hinduism, people have a lot of reverence for Bholenath, due to this, Lord Shiva and his glories are celebrated in different forms throughout the year in different festivals. One of these festivals is Mahashivratri, which falls in the beginning of the year in the month of February.

This year Mahashivaratri festival is on march 8, 2024, people celebrate the festival of Mahashivaratri in their own way, some keep fast and worship for the whole day, while some people offer their devotion to Lord Shiva by distributing fruits.

Mahashivratri images

“Om Namah Shivay!

May the blessings of Lord Shiva

Remain with you throughout your life?”



“May all your prayers be granted by?

Bhagwaan Shiva! Wishing you a

Happy Maha Shivratri”


“May all your wishes come true and

the blessings of the God remain

with you always.

Happy Maha Shivratri”


Happy Mahashivratri


“May Shiva bless you with

patience and a heart to see

good in everything!” 

Happy Maha Shivratri


“Let’s celebrate this auspicious day

with special prayers to Lord Shiva

and offer water, milk, yogurt, honey

and bel leaves to have a successful life.”



“Let’s keep a fast this

Maha Shivratri so

that the Lord grants

 all our wishes.”


“We saw his anger,

we saw his fury,

we saw his restlessness and

 maha Shivratri night

calmed him down.

So wish you all a very

Happy Maha Shivratri.”


Mahashivratri wishes


“May the almighty

Lord Shiva bless you on

Shivaratri occasion with

all good things and

perfect health to you

and your family.”


“Let’s spend the night of

Shivratri by chanting the

name of Lord Shiva and

seek His divine blessings.”


“May all the difficulties in your

life be banished by Lord Shiva on the

occasion of Maha Shivratri,

 Jai Shiva Shankar.”

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