What is Blog and Blogging and how to do it?

What is Blog and Blogging and how to do it?

If you are reading this post, then it means that you are interested in professional blogging. In today’s article we will know what is blogging. Whenever we do something professionally, it means that we want to earn better by using our best skills.

What is a Blog – What is Blog

A blog or (web log) is actually a website that is constantly updated, while new content is often published in it by Blogger. Whereas the blog is written in an informal or conversational style.

At the same time, its aim is to attract more and more people to itself and at the same time it is to achieve some goal, whether it is a big community-building or to grow a business, or to provide the right information to the people. Maybe.
What is Blogging – What is Blogging in Hindi
A web log, which is called a “blog” in shortened form, is actually a web page that contains the contents or blog posts. At the same time, the work of writing these blog posts is called blogging. If someone knows how to do blogging, it means that he has all those skills, using which he can easily run and control a blog.
At the same time, by using the right types of tools in your web page, you can get help in writing, blog posting, linking as well as sharing the content of the blog on the Internet. This will make it easier for you to do all these tasks.

Types of Blogging

You must have got a little idea about blogging. If blogging means sharing knowledge, then what is this professional blogging? Like I told you earlier, if we do something professionally, it means that we ask to make some income from it. In this way we can divide blogging into two categories.

1. Personal or Hobby Blogging
2. Professional Blogging

Personal Blogging: Personal or hobby bloggers are those who have some story or experience to share. It could be about himself, or about someone else. They do not have to earn money from blogging.
They just do blogging as a hobby. At the same time, they do not have a specific strategy or plan. They share without any motive. They simply do blogging as a time pass.

Professional Blogging: Professional bloggers are those who earn so much money by blogging that they can run their home. This is a kind of business for them. Now you must be thinking that how do these professional bloggers earn.

So let me tell you that the ads you see in blogs or websites, these people earn money from this. By the way, there are many such ways by which these bloggers generate a lot of revenue from their blog. like-
Content subscriptions
Membership websites
Affiliate links
online courses
Coaching or consulting
These were some such measures by which they generate income for themselves.

What is Professional Blogging?

You must have understood so much that what is a blogger. So let’s have some knowledge. Is it possible that someone can do business without planning? No, this is not possible. Professional bloggers have a good and better plan and strategy, through which they earn money from their blog.

In the same way, a professional blogger is different from a personal blogger. If you have a chance to write, then you can easily get into the blogging line. But if you want to earn well through blogging, then you need a better plan, dedication, hard work and patience for that.

Blogging is not that, you have created a blog today and your earning should start from tomorrow. For that you need hard work and most of all patience.
Some important tips to become a better professional blogger
Here I am going to share with you some such tips which are going to be very helpful for a common blogger to become a professional blogger. Here you can read how to create a blog.

Be unique
Having uniqueness is a very important part of blogging. This is an important factor for blogging. If your blog is not unique then people will not like it because there are many blogs that write similar content and people do not like such similar articles much.

And the things that people do not like, they will not even read it, so you will not earn. So if you want to become a better professional blogger then your blog and its contents should all be unique.
You have to be Passionate and Patient
If your goal is only to earn money from blogging then you should not blogging. There are no shortcuts to achieve success.

If you want to become a successful professional blogger then you have to continuously strive for it, work hard, keep yourself motivated and be passionate about whatever work you are doing. Therefore, if you believe me, then blogging on only those things that you find interesting.

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