why use wordpress

Why Use WordPress

Here we will learn about the advantages of WordPress, which makes it better than others.

1. Is Open Source
The most important thing about WordPress is that it is an open source CMS that anyone can use easily. You can also modify and distribute the code in it. You do not need any kind of license to use it.

2. User Friendly is more
WordPress is very user friendly and easy to use. You don’t have to be a developer to use it. You can create a website in WordPress without any coding knowledge. Proper instruction has been given for everything in this, so that the user can easily understand about it.

3. Has Inbuilt SEO Facility
The most important thing about WordPress is that the facility of SEO has also been given inbuilt in it. SEO is very important for both a developer and blogger to rank their website. With the help of Youst SEO plugin in WordPress, you can easily do SEO of your website. In this, the facility of Keyword, Meta Description, SEO Title, Tags etc. has been given.

4. There is a low cost
You do not need to spend much to make a website in WordPress. By the way, many things have been given in it for free, you have to buy hosting and domain only. In this, you can also make a site like Online Shopping in 10 to 15 thousand. If you go to the developer, he will charge you a lot.

5. Most Sites Use WordPress CMS
You must have seen that nowadays most of the bloggers have started using WordPress and some have also started migrating their blogger’s blog to WordPress. According to a report, 30% of the people around the world use WordPress. Due to having so many users, WordPress is very popular today and is a reliable CMS.

6. Plugins have many options
The most important thing in WordPress is Plugins. To create a contact form, to prepare an online shopping site is the most important role of the plugin.

Who is better for blogging? WordPress vs Blogger

Above WordPress vs Blogger has been written on our blog before. If you want to get complete information then you can read this article.

1. The service of creating a blog in Blogger is absolutely free and in the same way the service of creating a blog in WordPress is also free, but you will have to pay money to create a website in WordPress.

2. Hosting and Domain is not required for blog in both Blogger and WordPress, but to create a website in WordPress, you will need Hosting and Domain.

3. Blogger is only one platform for blog, in this you cannot create a website, whereas WordPress provides two types of platforms, first WordPress.com in which you can create blog and second WordPress.org in which you can create website.

4. You cannot customize your blog much in Blogger, but in WordPress you can customize your website well.

5. Only and only blogs are created in Blogger, whereas in WordPress both blogs and websites are created.

In this post, you must have understood well about what is WordPress (What is WordPress in Hindi). In this, you must have come to know that how to make this website on WordPress, what are its benefits and who is better between Blogger and WordPress. I hope this post will prove to be very useful for you.

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